Peter Hines - Research

The Lovecraftian horror to the left is a three-dimensional analogue of the Mandelbrot set: a popular fractal.

It has limited connection to my research; I prefer to concentrate on applications of category theory in various fields.

Current and previous areas of study include:

  • logic and the theory of computability,
  • reversible and quantum computing,
  • foundations of category theory,
  • linguistics and meaning in langauge,
  • domains, partial orders, and the axiomatics of summation,
  • state machines and dynamic systems,
and various combinations of the above.

Other interests and areas of publication include information theory, classification, communication channels, and clustering.

I am also author of the SIMPLICITY MatLab package for information-theoretic classification and analysis of communication channels.

This website is also currently hosting C. Lutz's and H. Derby's 1982 letter to Landauer that describes the JANUS reversible programming language.

Please see my papers, talks, or C.V. for more details of my research.
Peter Hines