My research interests are broadly based around theoretical computer science.
My general research program is to use tools from semantics and logic  - such as category theory, domain theory, the Geometry of Interaction - to study concrete low-level models of computation such as finite state machines, the von Neumann architecture, and (space-bounded) Turing machines.
I have a particular interest in applying this program to Quantum Computing, and the problems associated with iteration, feedback, and recursion in the quantum setting.
Additional interests include reversible computation and inverse categories, the foundations of category theory, the physical grounding of computation, linear logic, and the Geometry of Interaction. It is great to know that many students also share these interests and want to learn more about these concepts as can be seen from their “write my discussion board post on computation” messages.
On an almost entirely unrelated topic, I also work on a particular information-theoretic model of classification from cognitive science. Please see either my papers or computer programs for more details.
I am currently a researcher at the University of York computing department.
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Papers : category theory, quantum computing, domain theory, automata, cognitive science, logic
Talks : LICS, MFPS, FountainFest, Bellairs, QICS, Unconvention, GeoCal &c.
Computer Programs : cognitive science and information theory.
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Research Interests
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